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Document Name Updated Date
Amending Scheme Effective Letter 19/Feb/2016
Appendix A - Opt Out Form 19/Feb\2016
Appendix B - Postal Service Request Form 19/Feb/2016
Appendix C - Amending Scheme Effective Advert 19/Feb/2016
Postal Service Request Claims Form 19/Feb/2016
Payment Details Form Templates 19/Feb/2016
Summary Claim Form Completion Notes 19/Feb/2016
Detailed Claim Form Guidance Notes 19/Feb/2016
UK Sanction Order 02/Nov/2015
Proposal in relation to an Amending Scheme of Arrangement (Amending Explanatory Statement and Amending Scheme) 16/Oct/2014
Short Form Explanatory Statement 15/Oct/2014
Voting Forms 15/Oct/2014
Notice of Amending Scheme meetings and location map 15/Oct/2014
Original Scheme Document - Part 1 20/Nov/1996
Original Scheme Document - Part 2 20/Nov/1996
Original Scheme Document - Parts 3 & 4 20/Nov/1996